Shoot One of Part Three

For the first shoot of this third segment of the Beautiful & the Sublime project, I decided to go out with camera on a very rainy evening (the first two images) and the next morning (the last image). An important theme in this shoot was the nature of infinity and cyclical behaviour. My last post was a paragraph taken from a song that caught my ear a while ago. It talks about the place of television in our lives. In very few lines it makes some interesting points, well worth the read. The first two images are a diptych. I have chosen to photograph in film once again. The warmth of the texture achieved with medium format film combined with the high detail is a must. These photographs can be broken down into three simple elements, technology, man, and the sublime. on a basic level the symbols in the photograph below are the power cable (technology), the roof tops (man), and the sky (infinity/sublime). I have chosen a very specific view-point for these images, I want the viewer to feel as though they are being forced to look into the sky, the primary subject. The details of the image come in second, such as the buildings the wire and the black. I have, for a long time, enjoyed the use of negative space in photography, something I admire in the work of Sophie Ricketts and, interestingly enough, a lot of night photography. When negative space is the subject of the image you begin appreciating the composition and use of colour more than you would in a traditional landscape photograph.

For this last photograph, I first of all went out seeking the colour magenta for the primary colour, I’m not a big fan of letting your photographs take themselves. I like to produce exactly what I want in photography, something that many artists strive for. So my starting point would be morning, I looked for an interesting composition with the power cable, this time I didn’t feel that the buildings would work as well with a magenta as they do with a deep blue, something about the magenta required a more a natural look, a less rigid detail. I opted for this hedge line, which in creation was produced by man as a border to a field. My three elements still existed in the image, something that isn’t always possible. After taking several shots I chose this one with the windy hedge primarily in focus and the wire in mid-movement. It isn’t completely sharp, I feel that this helps with the negative space, of course the wire breaks up the sky but it also isn’t so rigid that it completely splits the image in two.

What do YOU think?

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