A Simon Norfolk Influence

I find, when looking at other photographers and artists, the obvious place to look for ‘inspiration’ or ‘ideas’ is to look at the work for its aesthetic. I see this kind of methodology all the time, I don’t think the basis of one’s work should be based on the aesthetic of another’s work. I’m not saying that the aesthetic isn’t important, quite the opposite actually, fortunately Simon Norfolk included some of his research and opinions within the text accompanying his photographs. Being able to look into the research and ideas behind a set of photographs is so much more important than looking at landscape photography because you yourself are interested in landscape photography.This can be a starting point and for many it is, I however take a different approach. I am far more interested in the thoughts and opinions of the photographer while he is taking the photograph.

So how does this affect my work? In many ways. I am keen to put in a lot of research time before I take my first photograph. It is important to me that I have some kind of feeling or theme in mind when I expose the film otherwise my images just feel disposable. This does mean that I take a lot of time with each frame, this combined with 6×7 film and a dodgy film winder means that I only shoot five or six frames per roll. In the next post I will be looking at man’s relationship with technology in the film 2001: A Space Odyssey, Readings in the Philosophy of Technology by David M. Kaplan and the lyrics to 1 Giant Leap’s ‘Racing Away’.

What do YOU think?

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