Shoot Two

For the second shoot of the Industrial strand of this project I decided to go back to the factory but this time things were almost certainly going to be different, this time I had a final idea in my head not necessarily a final image or composition, but an idea. I wanted to show an unexciting, and underwhelming atmosphere to the photographs, this combined with all the symbolism and philosophy in art that I had been reading about for the past couple of weeks. With this new-found accuracy I found myself taking less still, with already so few on a roll of 6×7 film bracketing dictated the number of shots I took. Nonetheless I did come up with four or five compositions across two films. The two better images I have uploaded below,

The first photograph is about restriction the gate acts like a net overlapping the sky, like a net into the sea. Man is taking from the land with this carpet factory. I composed the image so that the metal gate would slope off to the right as a reference to Church and other painters of his time. I wasn’t trying to recreate his work or any other artists work for that matter. I was quite simply Including an aesthetic of theirs into my photograph to give the work a normality, a similarity to traditional landscape art. Which is ironic as their work represented grandeur and escapism, the complete opposite of what I am trying to achieve with this work.

To see all the photographs from this project and more please visit

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