How about some Photography

I feel like I have had my head in books for the past couple of days so I needed to look for some photographic research. There are many photographers that have looked at industry and many there after that have tried to capture it in a photograph, but few stand out like Edward Burtynsky and Simon Norfolk. Even though Simon Norfolk’s work is primarily more focused on war and more recently technological warfare, which I will get to in the third part of this project, he does however show signs of industry throughout his work. And something I do like about his work is the human presence within his photographs and for the most part they don’t include people, but they do show a human struggle. Edward Burtynsky also shows a human presence in his landscapes of industrial sites, often deserted and disused. My work isn’t necessarily going to be in the same light, I’m not going to be visiting old tyre yards and derelict mines, but I am hoping to achieve a similar human presence within the photographs. After all I am more interested in the conversation between nature and man, that has been going on for thousands of years.

As you can see their work is nicely composed and balanced, and very honest with its subject, something that I would like to get into my own photography and certainly this project. A lot of the photographic influence I have been exposed to has been covered in my previous sketchbooks, after all I am a product of what I consume, I will nonetheless bring up and refer to the plethora of photographers that I have enjoyed when appropriate in the coming posts.

In the next post I will be showing a couple of images from my first shoot for this project,

What do YOU think?

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