“You are my creator, but I am your master. Obey!”.

As far as starting points go, this particular project has given me a little trouble, because I had all the research from my previous project as a back story, so finding a new collection of influence and information wasn’t necessarily easy. So I started broadly and began looking into the industrial revolution, I found myself very interested in this period of history despite my relatively lack lustre interest in history as a subject.

“Economic historians are in agreement that the onset of the Industrial Revolution is the most important event in the history of humanity since the domestication of animals and plants.”

A quote that I think many would agree with, the reference to animal and plant domestication caught my attention. I began to look at the industrial revolution as man conquering nature once again. I see this every time I see a mill, man has been using the energy that nature provides for thousands of years. To find a solid example of this I looked to literature written at the time of the industrial revolution, I remember reading Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein in school and how it appeared to be man’s fascination with innovation and scientific advancement that eventually led to the creation of Dr. Frankenstein’s monster, and I think we all know how that turned out. A great line in the book reads “You are my creator, but I am your master. Obey!”. I think this is a fitting example of what I am looking at, as far as my photography is concerned, this is an extra step into understanding what I need to put into my photographs.

In the next post I will be looking at the popular poem by William Blake ‘Milton’ and perhaps it’s most famous excerpt ‘Jerusalem’ and how it relates to what I am doing

What do YOU think?

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