The Beautiful, the Sublime and the Industrial

For the second project of my second year, I am continuing with my previous project’s theme in which I looked at the beautiful and the sublime in photography and painting. You can see how the went in the previous post. Over the coming weeks I will be using this blog as my research journal so to speak. I need a place to compile my research, my thoughts, and my images as I am not a huge fan of sketchbooks and other hand-written journals. This way I can have a chronology to my work, I shall reference all my research on this blog, much of what I say will be opinion, based on information that I have read. Please bear with some of the subjects of my research as some of it may in the beginning seem irrelevant, often I’ll spend time looking into work by other photographers that is only slightly related to what I am actually working, but I guess it is related when it influences me like it does.

So for starters I shall introduce to you where the idea (the beautiful, the sublime and the industrial) comes from. It began when I first started my previous project, I stumbled upon some interesting ideas surrounding the sublime, Mario Costa, the Italian philosopher expressed “the traditional categories of aesthetics (beauty, meaning, expression, feeling) are being replaced by the notion of the sublime, which after being natural in the XVIII century, and metropolitan-industrial in the modern era, has now become technological”. So I look at the sublime in these three ways, and the idea is to produce three projects around this concept. I have looked at the natural with my previous project and now I am looking at the metropolitan-industrial. In my next post I shall be talking about Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein.

What do YOU think?

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