In the first year of my FdA in Photography and Digital Arts, I undertook many projects, many projects that I didn’t  necessarily enjoy and/or excel in. My most notable project of the year, came from my continuing need for meaning and personalization in my work.

The hook for me was important in this project, a friend of mine was killed in a car accident a few weeks before the assignment brief was introduced to me, the project needed to be personal. I of course didn’t immediately think of my friend, Coxy. It was the fact that I didn’t immediately think of him that captured my imagination. My research lead towards a focus on personal perspective.

The point was I didn’t know Coxy very well.

I am however very good friends with his best friend, and I had a sense of helplessness towards my friend, Liam. He was grieving for a long time, as you can imagine. I kind of felt removed from the situation, I was upset, but I wasn’t grieving.

The subject of ‘car crashes’ didn’t seem to excite anyone in my group as much as it excited me, I wanted to put together a couple of images that showed an emotion towards the scene of an accident. I wanted to get across the emotion of  a driver as they pass a roadside memorial of flowers and photographs. You can often read in the newspaper about a car crash and it’s victims, but more often than not it doesn’t have the impact that it should have. People have been desensitized about death, I think a death reported in the newspaper about someone you know of, has next to no effect on the reader. I wanted to restore some kind of importance in the memory of the thousands of car crash victims every year, not only for the families and friends connected directly to the victims, but to show the crash scene in a respectful and tasteful way for the victim too.

What do YOU think?

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